Allah only created us to seek Him, to realize His Love for us, and to come into harmony with His Love for us.

The words we speak first thing in the morning, are our first stoking of the day of this love. Our Teacher in love, may Allah continue to nourish his soul and our connection to him, taught us to say:

“We have awoken to this day, with our Lord God as the Sovereign over all, and we thank Him: all Praise is due to God Alone, Who takes care of and sustains all the universes.”

This is stoking our love from the very first moments of awakening to the day.

When you wake up in other than this state, you miss out on thanking God for the biggest gift. You miss out on witnessing the greatest miracle: the passage of death into life, and life into death.

I have never seen a bird that awakens silently.

The Prophet, may Allah continue to nourish his soul and our connection to him, had a whole ceremony for waking up:
“All praise and thanks are for our Lord Who brought us back to life after taking us into death, and to Him is our ultimate return.”

The return of sensation to the body and mind is a cause for celebration! You’ve seen those videos of a person who is unable to see colour, and then is given glasses that enable him to see colour for the first time. You’ve seen the joy. Tears of joy…and this is with glasses…then what of the person who can see colour with his very own eyes?

Being able to feel and use our limbs is a cause of celebration because these hands, legs, feet, ears, eyes and tongue are the instruments for coming closer to God.
The reality is that we should do a wird (litany of remembrance) for every single molecule that circulates in our blood.

All of this is to say that for a Muslim, she must be able to say: the first thing I think of when I wake up is God.

It’s not a given to be in this state, as you will probably observe when you look at how you wake up regularly. Thus, we have been given tools to help us get into this state and cultivate its practice until it becomes our norm. These tools are the litanies and phrases of remembrance of God (adhkaar) given to us by our Beloved Spiritual Guide, Prophet Muhammad, may Allah continue to nourish his soul and our connection to him.

May every morning from this day onward be a celebration of your Lord and a stoking of your love.