This is your life, dear brother, dear sister. You have only these moments. The Prophet, may Allah continue to nourish his soul and our connection to him, tells us in a Hadith Qudsi that Allah Most High addresses the human being, saying: O child of Adam, you are but a collection of days. Each day passing is a part of you passing away.

How will we live these days? Acts of worship are a means to attain energy, like food is for the body. But they alone are not enough to give health or joy. Just as food alone is not enough to make a person healthy. There is the way of being and the way of seeing that play a huge role…and this – what we call the philosophy of the religion – is the basic matter that we are missing today.

If you want to be happy, it is not merely a question of reading more Quran. Reading more Quran can reveal important realities to you, give you the energy to fulfil your mission, give you greater endurance. But if you have the wrong way of seeing the world, it will not necessarily be changed except by your making that choice – the choice of which filter you will use. This is what we call ‘dhann’ – the filter or your perspective. Your perspective of God is what determines your true standing with God, determines the way you will travel the road, and determines whether you will be a happy traveler or not.

The Prophet, may Allah continue to nourish his soul and our connection to him, teaches us: There are two qualities that are the very zenith of good qualities – nothing higher than them exists; and there are two other qualities that are the very nadir (lowest point) of qualities – nothing lower than them exists. The two highest qualities are a positive perspective of God and of His servants; and the two lowest are a negative perspective towards God and His servants.

How do you see the things God is sending you? If you have a positive perspective of God, you will see each thing happening in your life as a gift. You will not be like those who have 99 wonderful things in their life that are all going well, but the one thing that does not work out becomes the sole focal point for them and robs them of their joy.

You can put on the filter of positivity and you will attain those highest of qualities mentioned by the Prophet, may Allah continue to nourish his soul and our connection to him.

Then you will go from event to event in your life, from moment to moment in your day, in a state of ‘shukr’ – gratitude.

This is the way to live a life of happiness.

Having a positive perspective and expressing gratitude – these are the secret ingredients that are actually not so secret…for they are clearly revealed in the Message of God as sent through His Prophets. Let us accept this message and live a life in which we find ourselves going from one joy to another, in an endlessly unfolding banquet of God’s Grace.

It IS possible. Start now. Look around you now, and notice all that is going RIGHT. All that is beautiful. All that has been given to you. Allah.