WHAT IS Jumua?

What is Jumua?

We praise Allah and thank Him for allowing this space and this moment for reminding each other and of calling each other to duty, calling each other to truth, calling each other to the place where we should be.

In reality, this space of Jumua is a sacred space. The hour of the day in itself is a sacred space. If you are called to connect to God on the day of Jumua, make your response swift to engage in consciousness development and leave aside trade and business, our Lord tells us.

Jumua is a sacred space whether it is in a masjid or online. It is a space that Allah has created for us and has called us to.

It is a space where we should be calling each other to, and listening to, the call of God. What is that call, but the call of duty?

God is calling us to duty, is calling us to the place where we should be – as people of prayer, as people of God, as people of consciousness. 

It is a place to find our spot and really be with Him. Jumua is to locate our place as people of God, our place in this cosmos, our place in this universe as people of consciousness and consciousness development. Jumua is the moment to stand up as people who do not get contented with just consuming life like other animals, but as people who want, people who try, people who work, people who force themselves to, people who invite each other to live this life, not merely consume it. 

To live this life truly and live this life to the fullest is only possible when you have God at its centre. Jumua is an opportunity to assert a God-centred life and a life centred on God and our relationship with Him, motivated by our duty and mission that God has given us.