You can have a thousand questions but if you develop one quality all those questions will be resolved. If you develop the quality of patience, this will be enough to answer your questions, because it will save you from reacting and interpreting things impulsively. It will give you the attitude of knowing that you don’t know everything. It will teach you that what is needed is to humbly listen, and begin a journey to reach understanding.

The Prophet, may Allah continue to nourish his soul and our connection to him, taught us how to live with one another and appreciate a relationship. He, may Allah continue to nourish his soul and our connection to him, said to men: the true man is the one who finds 99 qualities he dislikes in his wife but one quality that he likes, and for the sake of that one quality he maintains the relationship and makes it work.

We are studying how to be in companionship, and we have to learn this – how to not turn our backs easily upon our teachers, our spouses, our parents, our friends, or our Lord.
We have to learn this with our texts too – to have patience and not just throw our religion behind our backs because we could not understand something.

Yes, we have a real crisis in the interpretation of our texts – if we weren’t in such a crisis, there would not have been an ISIS. The crisis is real. Society has changed but we are still using very old ways of interpreting the texts which is causing a fissure between the lived lives of people and the teachings they are being dealt by scholars. I don’t mean we are behind in fatwas because liberalism is outstripping us. I’m talking about the way of thinking, reading, understanding things around us. We need to update our paradigm so that we can read the texts in a manner that will enable us to apply them in our days.

When we deal with sacred texts we have to deal with them with a sacred heart. Let us learn patience and loyalty to God, and humble ourselves in seeking the meaning. We should not be on edge all the time, saying: God, if You mean this, I will believe in this religion; but if You mean this other thing, I’m out.

Don’t behave in this way.

You don’t have to have a position on everything! Remember that.

For most of you, let me say this to you: your grandmother was a great human being, she was a wonderful mother, wife, daughter, friend. And likely she only knew Qul Hu Allahu Ahad, and probably could not pronounce it right. But she was a far greater human being than many a person today who has opinions and positions and analyses about everything under the sun. She was a person who was comfortable in her own skin…

Today, many of us are not comfortable in our selves and then we bring this kind of irritable inner state to texts and think we can figure them out…?

Our peace in God should not depend on our understanding of all these things. He was accessible even before the Quran was revealed. We must find access to God that does not depend on anything, not even on Quran itself…Quran helps, but it is not the sole means. This is the way you will be able to be steady regardless of your understanding or misunderstanding… You know God. You have a story with Him that dates before all time.
Talk to Him. Pray to Him. Ask Him about your doubts and questions. Don’t turn away because you could not understand something.

We must stand under, adopt a position of humility, in order to understand.