Rabi al Awwal (literally: ‘First Spring) is the month for celebrating the beginning of light and life, the birth of Guidance: the Apostle of God may the light of God continue to nourish his being and deepen our connection to him. That was the first spring – the first life after darkness.  By God’s Grace, the spring never finishes…He gives us the first cup, and then the second right after.

Rabi al-Thani (literally: ‘Second Spring’) is the month right after Rabi al-Awwal. It’s the month for celebrating the Awlia – the Friends of God – who come with the second spring. They bring the second blossoming of Grace, they are the rebirth of Guidance in each generation blessed to have their presence. In fact, many of them left this world or came to this world in this month.

One of the Friends of God gave us this parable: when you are born, the people who love you will carry out a special ritual, as taught to us by the Guide – may the light of God continue to nourish his soul and our connection to him. When you are born, your father or mother will gently call to the Prayer in your ears, these being the first words you will hear. But there is no Prayer that will be carried out at that time. On the other end of your life, when you die, your funeral Prayer will be prayed. And there is no call to that Prayer that will be made.
In essence, the call to your funeral Prayer was made the day you were born. What comes in between is your life, and it is as short as the time between call to the Prayer, and the Prayer itself. As people who pray five times a day, we have five times to experience how truly brief this period is…

From the Teachings of the Apostle of God, may the light of God continue to illuminate his soul and our connection to him, we learn that the time between final call to Prayer and the Prayer starting, is a time of getting ready for the connection that Prayer entails: getting ready to meet our Lord.

What happens in this short window of time?  We have the readying of the rows of those who will stand forth to meet their Lord in Prayer, in meditation. If we are those people, we must answer the call that says: “establish the Prayer!” And in that moment, we align ourselves with each other, in a formation facing forward, shoulder to shoulder, arm to arm.

Indeed, this whole life is a moment of aligning ourselves in our rows – of learning to stand correctly, to stand with the right attitude, to stand with the befitting behaviour in front of the One Whose Face we seek. This whole entire existence of ours is dedicated to learning to come before Him, to meet Him, and to speak to Him in the way He wants us to speak to Him.

That’s how we should think of our life. It’s short, concise, and precise. 

We know that the human being, by default, is more inclined to fail, to fall, to drop than to rise up and succeed.  The human is more inclined to forget than to remember. 


Our Creator, Who created us and the universe, has told us in the Holy Letter to Humanity, that the human being is by nature, and by default, losing not gaining. He tells us that as long as there is the condition of time which we are living with, the human being is subject to that time, and if he does not take an active stand, he is going to be in a state of decline.

As long as time is passing, you are declining – unless you make a conscious effort to resist the progress of your own loss, and strive. 

People of this world, who care about their physical health, know this. They know that health will decline with time – it’s called aging. That’s why they have anti-aging products. That’s why they care about what food they eat. That’s why there is a multi-billion dollar industry dedicated to health, diets, and the like.

Business people, tycoons, and CEOs know that there is never a business that will grow on its own simply by being around and letting the days and months pass over it. 

If you just leave a company to the mercy of time, the employees will go down in productivity, sales will drop, and you will start to lose profits.

And for the people of the science of getting to know God, they understand that with the passing of time, the human being is at risk of falling into an ever deeper state of unconsciousness, the true state of loss. Unconsciousness is like carbon dioxide – being naturally produced by human beings. Without trees to provide oxygen, without something to counteract the carbon dioxide, it will be on the increase faster than anything else, while the good breath of oxygen decreases.

You’ve heard the expression, “leave it to time” – but we should never leave it to time. Time does not make enemies friends. Time makes friends enemies.

Time does not repair. Time destroys.

Time does not build. If you bring materials and put them at a construction site, time won’t make a house out of those materials. Rather, time erodes materials and causes them to decay.

If you want to prepare a meal, time won’t cook the meal for you. It takes more than that. You have to actually do something within a limited window of time. And that goes for everything – if you manage to cook the meal, you then have to serve it. Some meals, if you don’t serve them, it’s just a matter of a few hours before they go bad.

It’s all a matter of time.

Think about it.

The passage of time does not result in the human becoming a better human just like that. Just because a certain number of months have passed, does not mean you are now better than you were months ago. 

If we don’t engage in a consciousness-building exercise, we won’t reach the maturity that we need to reach in order to stand before God. In order to be worthy of having our masjids reopened. 

We haven’t seen people who are fools at the age of 15 becoming wise at the age of 40 just because they got older. That takes effort. That takes your personal choice and commitment to remove some behaviours and add others. These are files you can’t avoid working on. If you keep them on the side, and never open them, sooner or later you will find that these habits and attitudes have become a part of your personality. This is why we find so many adults who are childish.

There are things you have to work on in your personality. You cannot just leave it to time. Some problems you must never leave to time alone to solve. You must face them.

The problem is that we want to escape the reality of having to develop our personalities – we want to say time will take care of that work of personal development. What an easy answer, when you realize you have some bad ways of interacting with the world, or you lack certain elements that could make you more likeable or liveable with.
The easy answer to all such realizations is: I’m still young. Or we say for other people: He’s young. She’s young. But if you don’t address these things by the age of 20, you will be rudely awoken by them at the age of 40. And then you will have to decide if you are going to say: “it’s too late now” and excuse yourself, or if you are going to roll up your sleeves and start the work of surgical removal of the negative traits and behaviors.

The truth is that we all need to work on our files related to our personal development in the window of time that God has given us.

And that’s what God tells us in the Chapter called Time, in the Holy Letter to humanity.

This chapter, as a matter of fact, is one of the shortest, most concise, and most condensed, in the Scripture. Thus subject and form mirror one another to tell us:  time is short.

By the passage of time, 
the human is in progressive decline,
except for those who strive to place their trust and faith in God
And who strive to do good actions
And who call each other to the Truth
And encourage each other and hold each other up, to make each other steadfast.

With the condition of time being one axis, the line that is being drawn is a downward decline into even more unconsciousness, except for those who wake up and engage, first placing their trust in God, then doing good actions, then looking around to see how they can call others to the same and support them and reinforce them, and be supported and reinforced by them. This is the beautiful calling of God to us – and the recipe for how to live in a world whose unalterable condition is the passing of time.

Everyday, part of us is passing away. Everyday, we have choices to make about how we spent our time. And we have to be accountable.

This life is only as long as the moment between the final call to Prayer and the raising of the hands to start the Prayer.

Imam Abdul Qadir al Jilani


The Apostle of God, may the light of God continue to illuminate his being and our path with him, has taught us about the time between the final call to stand for the Meditational Prayer (iqama in Arabic), and the start of that Meditational Prayer (takbeerat il ihram in Arabic). He has taught us in profound and clear detail, exactly what we must do in that brief moment.

وعَن ابن عُمرَ رضيَ اللَّه عنهما، أَنَّ رسولَ اللَّهِ ﷺ قالَ: أَقِيمُوا الصُّفُوفَ وَحَاذُوا بَينَ المنَاكِب، وسُدُّوا الخَلَلَ، وَلِينُوا بِأَيْدِي إِخْوَانِكُمْ، وَلا تَذَرُوا فَرُجَاتٍ للشيْطانِ، ومَنْ وصَلَ صَفًّا وَصَلَهُ اللَّه، وَمَنْ قَطَعَ صَفًّا قَطَعهُ اللَّه رواه أبُو دَاوُدَ بإِسناد صحيحٍ.

“Build your rows in beauty, draw closer to one another, put your arms close to each other’s,  and fill the gaps. Be malleable and flexible in the hands of your brothers. Do not allow Satan to come between you in the rows – stand in formation and don’t leave a gap; and know that the one who fills a gap in a row in order to make it a single united row will be united with God, and the one who causes a break in a row will be broken away from God.’ 

And the Messenger of God, may the light of God continue to nourish his soul and our connection to him, said, 

 وعَنْ أَنسٍ  أَنَّ رسولَ اللَّهِ ﷺ قَالَ: رُصُّوا صُفُوفَكُمْ، وَقَاربُوا بَيْنَها، وحاذُوا بالأَعْناق، فَوَالَّذِي نَفْسِي بيَدِهِ إِنَّي لأَرَى الشَّيْطَانَ يَدْخُلُ منْ خَلَلِ الصَّفِّ، كأنَّها الحَذَفُ.

“Build your rows beautifully, draw closer to one another, and bring your heads together, for by Him in Whose Hands is my soul, I see Satan entering the opening in the row like a small black beast pushing his way through.”

The meaning of “Be malleable and flexible in the hands of your brothers” is “Soften up.” The Apostle of God is helping us to permit ourselves to be placed in the row by one another. He wants us to be open to the people next to us pulling us up or placing us a little further back than where we placed ourselves to begin with. It has to be done by real people around us, not by our own selves – for your spot is not marked on the floor. It is only found by aligning yourself, and letting yourself be aligned, with the other people in the row – starting with those right next to you. This is the point of reference you have – one another.

This statement of the Apostle of God also means: Let the brother who has this mission to straighten the lines do his job – let him push you gently to the front or the back. Don’t be rigid, rather, be permeable. Respond well to this touch that is inviting you to take your place.

Be soft, be easygoing in this experience of being prepared to meet your Lord. Unfortunately I have seen people who look offended if they are gently placed in the right position in a row. I have seen people resist and get stubborn, and talk back to the person making the row straight. It has become culturally acceptable to push back against their efforts – even though they are serving the call of the Messenger of God, may his light reach us.

Now take a moment with me to truly consider the great advice the Apostle of God is giving us about this short period of time between the final call to the Meditational Prayer and its start. Our life is as short and as precise and precious as that. And at the end of that short period, we will be face to face with our Lord, standing before Him.

If we wish to understand the philosophy of life, of how to live this short period of time we have on earth, we have to go to the Teachings of the Apostle of God.

Let us say here, that to think that the Holy Apostle of God would say something that doesn’t have deeper meanings would be a blasphemy. It would be a blasphemy not in the legal meaning – but it would be reducing the Prophet – the deepest and noblest human being to have ever existed. It would be discounting the depth of his speech. Philosophers, even those without a relationship with God, have the ability to draw deeper meanings from simple acts and express this meaning with their words. You want to believe the Prophet would not do that?

Everything he said – every single word – is a parable – to be interpreted in at least two ways: with an apparent meaning and in a symbolic, deeper sense.

If you want to learn the philosophy of life you can learn it from this teaching about making the rows for the Meditational Prayer!

Here are some reflections we can draw from the teaching:

In telling us to establish our rows straight, tightknit, and beautifully, we are being told:

Don’t be falling on each other;
Don’t let your gatherings just become an accumulation of individuals piled up together;
Don’t let your communities be built by default,
For the only thing built by default is the garbage dump because people don’t think much when they throw things there and that is why you have so many materials all mixed with one another, and no sense of harmony or order. 
The community must be one of harmony, order, and then the meaning will come through.

The deep instruction in “build your rows well” is to pay attention to the row you are in, and to take responsibility for it being straight, good, and strong. As individuals, we are being asked to develop our position in our community, along with the setting itself – to think it through before we show up, and once we have shown up, to think well before we start an action. Imagine – the way you stand in the row, affects the entire row. If you choose to be the wayward one, standing an inch behind everyone else, you have ruined the entire row.

So don’t just come to prayer, or to community, or to service you are offering – without a sense of what you are coming to. If you do so, you will be falling on each other.

Imagine people fully leaning on each other, not “lean on me” in the right way – only for certain moments of need – but always, and with dependency, as in:  “so-and-so will do it for me.” That mentality of constantly expecting others to pick up the slack.

With that lazy approach, people will be falling on each other with all kinds of needs and wants that no one of us can fulfil – that only God can fulfil. That won’t be a row…that will be a mess. 

When the Prayer is called to, everyone should be standing – not counting on his brother to be standing or make him stand. Rather, every single person must be standing of his own accord, with his own strength – ready to receive and be at His service. At the same time, each one will be in harmony with his brother or her sister – as they will all be doing the same thing. People won’t be counting on the other to be balanced because they will be balanced with and by God. 

I don’t come to the community because I need to be validated or because I need to have a social life. I don’t come because I need to fulfil a social need or resolve a social crisis. 

If I am coming with the attitude of:

When I’m lonely I’m lost or I need to just be with people to feel more reassured – 

it’s not going to be healthy. You cannot come throw yourself on others.

That’s not how we build communities. Rather, we say: 

Work on yourself first of all to have an established relationship with God
Be firm
Not flailing left and right, back and front; 
Then, come to work with others:
To reinforce the lines of people of consciousness and the camp of the people of consciousness.

Understand first of all, that this life is one of two things – at all times:
it is a meditational prayer (Salah) or a struggle (jihad).
That is what this whole life is, back and forth, between those two states.

And for both, you need rows. 

For this reason, you need to learn to build well-established rows.
There is an effort to be made, a task to be done, a cultivation of the power to stand straight; a cultivation of care for what your row looks like. 

This is your work in life. You can do it, you must do it.

You can’t just start the jihad or the prayer like that – using any old formation. No. 
Some people need to move forward;
Some people need to go to the back;
Some more to the right;
Some more to the left;

There is work to be done!

There is an effort to be made.


When we want to start a business we think about it a lot. And what of this, this sacred project of community development? It must be thought about, it must be planned out, and it must be respected.  And for that to occur, every single member of that project should be independent in the meaning that he should not count on others to do his or her own work. And that, my friends, is the definition of being “balanced.’’ The community is not here to make you balanced; it’s here to support you in walking, not being static. 

So when you come to a community, you need to be standing on your own already, ready to walk!  If you cannot stand on your own, you sit. If you sit, don’t choose a place in the middle. 

Those who pray sitting should be at the ends of the line, on chairs or on their knees. They pray at the back or on the side. But you can’t just come to the line and say I’m not going to stand, nor sit, I’m going to lean on the brother on my left and on my right and when they bow, I will fall over on them. You cannot do that. Figuratively or literally.  The balance of your life is your mission. The brothers next to you cannot be your crutches. Community is not there to do that.

Community is there to support you to walk, not to help you learn to stand.

The community is a caravan – we are on a journey. We are not a place for those who wish to come and sit and relax. You have to come ready, standing on your own with the means you have; and then the community’s job is to help you keep walking. 

Come closer, says the Guide. He continues in one version: have your arms close to each other.  And in another version: have your heads close to each other.

And I love both expressions,
have your arms close to each other,
have your heads close to each other. 

The symbolic meaning is clear: Be friends, hug each other, be close to each other. Practice social coming together. Come together, visit each other, work together, minimize the distance between each other. Don’t leave a gap. Don’t leave a space for Satan to creep through.

If you made a mistake, say I‘m sorry, say it. And say it as soon as possible.

Don’t leave a gap and leave the other person thinking, “what’s happened?” and then the relationship gets destroyed before you find the courage to say “I’m sorry.”

If you don’t visit each other, if you don’t call each other, you are leaving a gap. People will become cold and lose that flame of love they once had, that flame of friendship. Satan – if you leave him a gap – will come through it like clockwork. All you have to do is leave the gap. 

So often I hear people say – when I ask them if they have reached out to so-and-so (another community member or friend):  “Oh, I did not want to bother them.” This is offered as your reason for not calling someone? For not visiting? Sometimes it is offered for not bothering to clear up a misunderstanding, or ask for advice. Imagine. The way Satan makes you come up with an excuse that makes YOU look good – being so nice as to not want to bother anyone.

In reality, you are just leaving a wide-open slot for Satan to come through, and play a game with your brother or sister – turning him or her against you. Don’t do that; listen to the Guide who is guiding you by saying: don’t leave a gap!

Let us hear his blessed guidance: 

Be soft, and be gentle, and be kind, and be permeable with your brothers and sisters. Let your brothers correct you, let your brothers show you how to do things they do better.  Be permeable to their advice and assistance. Open your heart to good. 

Let your sister correct you. Yes, let your sister correct you, even if you are a brother.

The Apostle of God our Guide said:

There is no good in a people who do not have the practice of giving advice to each other. And there is no good in a people who do not have the practice of accepting advice from each other.

Let your brother help you find your place. And let your brother “put you in your place.”  In English, it’s a negative expression – but when you remove that connotation and hear it again, you recognize its value. We need to be put in our place – so we don’t splash all over the space. Putting things in their places is what we teach our children to do. It’s what people working in a lab do, so that the next person can find the materials they need. We too are instruments of God who need to be placed in our right place, our correct spot so we can be the most effective and not get damaged. If you put a part in a greater system in its wrong place, it can damage or get damaged. At best the system will not function well.

We need people to put us in our place so we are actually working, so we are actually walking, so we are actually doing something and not just acting as if we are doing something while the truth is we are not doing anything and the caravan is being stalled by our mispositioning.

This positioning of one another is reinforcing the row, 

And whoever reinforces a row, God will reinforce him and connect him to Him. And whoever breaks a row, God will break with him.

Whoever breaks a row’” means: 

whoever comes between two people who love each other 

whoever comes to break a group of people that is building a project of community development for the Sake of God 

whoever comes to destroy a relationship or a good project by spreading doubts and problems

God Himself will take care of such a one: God will cut him off. 

God will cut him off and will cut him in pieces, because waging a war against a project of God is waging a war against God. Waging a war on poor people who did not get contented with finding excuses for themselves is such an evil act. Poor people who are struggling and who did not give up and just say: Oh the circumstances are bad, we should not get in rows anymore.

Though the circumstances are bad, the time is difficult, still they stood to offer their effort, and keep on with community projects in new ways – online or the like. They do this even though they don’t have lots of means, even though their energy and time falls short of that which is required. To try to undo the efforts of such limited people who are, in spite of their limitations, trying hard – is to work against God Himself. 

So when we tell you the one who wages a war against us, God will wage a war against him, it’s not because we are special. It’s simply because we are weak and poor and limited. Whoever works for God, even if he is poor and limited, God will protect him – and moreso if he is indeed poor and limited! That’s how I see us, people of this time who wish good for others: We are not professionals, not very smart, don’t have much money, don’t have much power, lack social connections…We are poor, actually very vulnerable and fragile people. When I look at each and everyone, that is what I see. Each of you is somewhere within a very vulnerable and fragile project of community development. It’s a very small plant, a very vulnerable and fragile one.

That’s why I believe we are under the care of God and the one who would play with that – my God, it’s like child abuse. Even in the society of today, when a person commits a crime against an adult, it’s disliked and condemned – but if a person commits the same crime against a child, it’s abhorred.

May God protect us and you. May He give us the special Divine enlightening grace to be able to truly understand these messages and teachings.  And may He make us understand that all we have to do in this life is build communities for God, build our lives and build communities for Him.  We are not allowed to just come and throw ourselves on each other. We come together to walk together, to move together. We answer the call, we come forward, we line up, and we let ourselves be arranged into the right positioning, in order to meet God.


In the Chapter called Time, it is as if God is saying to us:

By time passing, 
the human being is losing in consciousness, 
except for those who take the decision to work on their lives consciously to invest in this exercise of consciousness development 
And call each other to the Divine Mission that this represents and the Truth it expresses;
And work
and help each other to work
on their personal development – supporting one another and walking forward together.

The philosophy of this life is to establish healthy and conscious community for the sake of God. Read Quran: you will find this again and again. That’s what life is: “I only created humans and jinn to worship Me.”  Look how the Lord is speaking to us – both human and jinn. Even in the grammatical structure of the wording, God is reminding us that we are communities, we are not individuals. 

Our role and our duty is to create communities where ibadah (worship and devotion to the Lord) is easy, facilitated. And by ibadah, I mean the meaning of: “belonging to God and His Prophet.”

That’s what life is. It’s to build communities for God, in God’s Name. That’s why we are here on earth. That’s why God allowed us to talk to each other, gaze at each other, invite each other over, visit each other.  That’s why God allowed males and females to get married. 

Individually each one of us is called to establish a true connection with God and a true belonging to Him. Collectively speaking now, each one of us is called to contribute to the building of a circle of conscience development. And that is the purpose and definition of “community.”

We have the science – the wahy.  And we have the conscience – the receptacle (wa’iy) to receive the science. The Science and the conscience together create the full container that is our mission in this life – our very purpose. Each person needs to prepare themselves as a container to receive, because part of the Divinely-revealed science addresses the individual. Another whole part of the Science – at least 50% – you won’t be able to practice and live by and implement on your own. That’s because it’s addressed to a group of people, and it is to instruct the group, it is to help the group, it is to be expressed by the group, and you can never access it if you don’t come together as a group. 

How do we receive this Science on an individual level? We need to prepare a receptacle, a circle, in our brain. We need to open our brains rationally, and we need to open our hearts emotionally. We need to open ourselves to receive God in our lives.

We need to work on our conception and our perceptions. The mind or rational functioning has to have a good conception of God. The mental aspect has to have a good perception of God – a good image. And the heart has to have a good reception of God. In order for our heart to have a good reception of God, the rational part of your being has to have the correct conception and the mental aspect has to have the right perception – a positive attitude and way of seeing Him and His interactions with you.

But also we need to build a community, a collective receptacle, a collective consciousness that will receive the trust and legacy of the wahy (Divine science). 


God tells us: You have been offered to humanity as the greatest community!

The Apostle of God came and gave us this legacy. Who did he pass it to?

Don’t tell me Abu Bakr, don’t tell me Uthman, don’t tell me Umar, don’t even tell me Ali.

The Community (Ummah) of Muhammad is the prophetic inheritor. But this trust, this legacy to carry, is not the trust of any one scholar. It’s collective. It’s the Community – it’s all of humanity. All the true scholars worked to build a community around them, for this very reason. They build community in order for that collective receptacle to be built to receive the wahy and because they know that this Science is not theirs alone to carry. 

For us to become a healthy container as a community, there is a collective attitude that is necessary, a relationship between each other. There is a group dynamic that has to be formed, to be built bit by bit.  

Otherwise we will just be reading the legacy as a beautiful story and we will never be able to live it. 

May God protect us and you from such an outcome. Please, let us establish our rows and not keep falling on each other and throwing the blame for our untidy rows on each other.

Let us not blame each other and fall on each other, and expect everyone to run towards us and fix us – just to fall apart the next day again. That’s not what community is for. That’s consumption of a sacred energy. God Almighty did not give you access to this energy in order for you to consume it.  The people of God build you today and you destroy the work they did on you, the very next day or sometimes the very same day! And you expect them to come repair you again. We are companions on this journey – we each must carry our own weight.


If you don’t engage in the Meditational Prayer, no one can do it for you. If you don’t talk to God, no one will talk to God on your behalf. If you don’t partake in your consciousness development exercise, no one will do it for you. Even if everyone prays for you…when you tell people: pray for me, it’s like you are telling people: bring food for me. We could bring you the entire store’s worth of food, but if you don’t open your door, all these blessings will go rotten at your door. And then you will be complaining: who put this garbage at my door?

Even if we pray for you, you still have to be the one to receive it – to stand up and open your heart to it. God will send the assistance to you, so you must do the work in the end – the work of opening yourself to receive His Help.


My dear brother, my dear sister, the advice I am giving you here and now is fresh and warm – like chicken soup. If you take it now, it will be a cure. If you leave it, saying I’m not ready to listen to this message now – I just want to enjoy some moments of unconsciousness or childishness; I need to play around a bit more; I’ll listen to it tomorrow, next week….I just want to stay in my bubble and meditate, then you will miss out on this fresh nourishment that will build  you and heal you – because it’s a fresh gift to you from God.

You want to meditate in your bubble, rather than listen to the advice coming fresh? Let me ask: What is meditation for you?
You are worshiping the images of your meditation and devotion. 

You are worshiping your own image.

You are worshiping the image of meditation.

You live in images. As long as you are functioning in your mental realm, you are an idol worshiper.  The mental realm only sees images.

Even with God, that’s as far as our mental function can get us. You must have a good image of God, but at the end of the day, it’s but an image. At best it’s just an image. You can’t live by it.

It’s not a reality. You have to be able to go deeper and experience God through your heart.


The teaching that this is, that you are reading right now, is fresh. It is something you must open your heart to at the moment you receive it, and use it to fix what is wrong that very moment – apply it to the disease, don’t wait. You never know when it will be too late. It is not a mental exercise, the reading of this article. Don’t leave your heart out of it. Bring the medicine to your lips – take it so it reaches.

Who among you doesn’t have a stock of medication that is expired, and every year you just throw them out. Every year, your stock of vitamins, your stock of medication, you just throw it out. That omega 6 or iron, had you only used it when it were given to you, when it was fresh and good, six years ago, maybe this problem of anemia or depression you have now would have disappeared by now and you would be facing new, fresh problems. Problems are not the problem. Fresh problems are not problems. They are opportunities! That’s life – to wake up everyday to face a new problem. Facing a new problem everyday is fulfilling, it’s beautiful, it’s good. Facing new problems is exposing yourself to a new teaching. 

Old problems are the problem. To those who are still holding on to the same old problems, it’s time to say to yourselves: For God’s sake, can we move on? How can we be stuck in the same problem for 20 years? When am I going to get ready to face the new problems – in order to receive the new teachings – so I can move on and move forward? This is the way to address your self. These are good questions to ask before you get asked them.
Time is running out. The help is at your door.

May God enable us and you and protect us and you from failing to open the door and receive the blessings.

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