Today our selective memory keeps the negative experiences and flushes away the good things. Iman (trust in God) is to have the opposite form of selective memory: to preserve in one’s memory the good experiences and let go of the negative ones.

A single manifestation of true love should be enough for you. Even if it is never repeated. If you put it in the right place inside you, if you invest it, it is enough for your whole life.
Were you to take this one piece of advice and live by it, you would see a major major growth in your iman.

Live in the light of the beautiful moments – for they are like the sun and will give light to everything else. This is how we should be with Allah Most High. That’s how we should be with our family, our friends – hold to the good moments and those memories, invest and protect them, let them shed the true light on the rest of the experiences in those relationships.

This will change everything. We have to understand how to live. We have to be brave enough and go against the trend in our society of harping on each negative experience and turning it into an idol we prostrate to day and night. We must think about the fact that life is short, and we only have so much time – and that makes it worth choosing happiness over vindication. Make a resolution: choose forgiveness, choose goodness, choose gratitude, choose iman. This is the only way you will ever live free.